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When Leigh Glasscock was a child, his mother’s mental illness and eventual suicide defined the man he grew up to be.  After Leigh starts his own family, his trauma and addiction now threaten to continue the cycle with his own children.


In 2000, two brothers were left orphaned when their father killed their mother and then took his own life.  Now adults, Larry and Frank’s search for answers about their lineage and what it means for their own children puts them on a path back to that very night.


Meanwhile, the Winston family find themselves living in the same house where Larry and Frank lost their parents.  When things begin to take a sinister turn, their young son Andy is the only one to realize that something is not quite right as his father’s personality begins to change…


in his debut novel, William F. Gray explores a cycle of abuse and neglect passed down from one generation to the next by introducing us to a character based upon his own father.   Full of heartache, suspense, and twists, "The Man Behind the Door" takes us an emotional journey detailing a search to find the answer to the ultimate question: why?

The Man Behind The Door

Excluding Sales Tax
Expected to Ship Mid to Late May
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