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“A Little Slice of Heaven”Rappahanok Falls is just that—until a black Dodge Viscount with the vanity plate MANA arrives late one evening. The mysterious figure behind the wheel is anything but human—and he’s starving.


When multiple acts of violence committed by a stranger leave everyone afraid, Sheriff Brock Lowery finds himself in the middle of something much worse than he anticipated. He is forced to question whom he can trust as people he’s known his entire life turn against him to serve this mysterious figure. Can Lowery save the town and the people he’s sworn to protect, or will he fail against the monster that has brought evil down upon Rappahanok Falls?"The Devil Within Us All" is a supernatural horror novel about a town whose very soul is infected with a disease—one that rots it from the inside out. In a complicated narrative exploring the dark side of human nature and the power one man can wield over a group of people, William F. Gray tells a story inspired heavily by charismatic individuals who abuse their power to manipulate and bring out the worst in others. Evil comes in many shapes - most often in monsters pretending to be men.

The Devil Within Us All

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Expected to ship by the end of July.
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