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Some secrets have teeth.


After tragedy strikes his family, Harry is left with nothing but sorrow, grief, and a mysterious box whose contents leave him shaken to the core. Everything he thought he knew about his father teetered on the edge of lies. Despite this, he decides to carry out his father’s final wish: to continue the family tradition of the annual camping trip.


Accompanied by the sons of his father’s friends, Harry hopes to learn the truth about the secrets his father was hiding out in the woods of the Appalachian Mountains. What the five men find waiting for them out in the familiar wilderness is more horrific than they could have ever imagined. The burden their fathers carried is now theirs, and now they must pay the ultimate price.


Inspired by Appalachian folklore, Our Fathers' Burden focuses on the bonds formed between fathers and sons in the wood. 

Our Fathers' Burden

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Expected to Ship Mid March 2024
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